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tre’za [tre-zah] noun.
A purified blend of freshness, local flair and culture catering to trendier and healthier demands of foodies.

1. Tre’, Italian for three, showcases Italy’s three main dishes: pizza,
salad and gelato.

2. Za, translates as American slang for pizza.

3. Infuses three (tre’) primary menu components; wood-fired pizza, fine
salads and authentic gelato.

4. Mastered extended fast casual/ sit-down model while keeping community
eatery feel where friends and family gather.

tre’za’s menu has taken years of testing to build. Perfection is our reality. tre’za’s tastes were built from the minds of our founders and executive chef who placed each ingredient on trial before landing on our menu. Innovation with a hint of history. tre’za’s culture was shaped to challenge the way our guests think about pizza, salad and gelato and introduce them to a more artisan style. Americans are becoming more and more demanding for fresh, healthier alternatives to fast food, and timely alternatives to formal-dining restaurants. tre’za addresses both and is one of the most exciting and necessary additions to the American dining scene.